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UnThink/Solar Fred FAQs


What does “UnThink Solar” mean? I don’t get it.
It means to step back and to unwind your traditional concept of solar marketing. The only way solar is going to get into the energy main stream is if solar marketers–and their clients–are willing to take creative risks, grab the public’s attention, and then educate prospects about the myths and realities of affordable solar power today.
How did Tor come up with Solar Fred as his solar pen name? His first name is Tor, right?
Really short answer: “Solar Tor” didn’t sound right. Too weird for American audiences. As for choosing “Fred,” Tor had a running joke with his ex-wife. They didn’t know the name of their neighbor and finally just started calling him–and all other un-named people–“Fred.” Also, from a brand recognition perspective, “Solar Fred” works really well. It’s kind of funny, so people remember it.
Should I call him Tor or Fred or Solar Fred?
Whatever’s easiest for you to remember. Most people who know Tor from Twitter (@SolarFred) call him Fred or Solar Fred. Those who meet him outside of social media call him Tor. He really does answer to both.
Why does Solar Fred always wear a blank baseball cap?
It’s like Steve Jobs always wearing his mock turtleneck shirt: It’s consistent, visual branding that people now associate with Solar Fred. That consistent visual aide is quite useful for blogging and social media avatars, and it’s also great for finding him at huge anonymous solar conferences. (Few people wear a baseball cap with a suit.) And yes, Tor does sport a completely shaved head, but only when he’s not “on the job.”
Where is UnThink Solar based?

We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area in beautiful downtown Oakland, but since this is the age of the internet, we’re really everywhere.

Two million pageviews for a solar blog is a lot! Can you prove the stat?
Yes! Here’s a screen shot from Renewable Energy World’s Total Access program dashboard.  The 18,000 weekly page view is average. Some weeks are better than others, depending the topic.

Bottom line is that writing on Renewable Energy World’s blog is a great solar marketing platform –if you can write some great useful content for their solar pro audience. If you’re interested in a content marketing program on RE World or your own company blog, get in touch and let’s work out a good strategy first.

Sorry to leave you FAQ unsatisfied.

Our apologies for missing your FAQ about UnThink Solar, but we do have a customized solution for this oversight…