Solar Fred’s Guide to Solar Guerrilla Marketing

If you’re a small to mid-size solar company serving the residential and commercial market, you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on marketing, PR, and a gazillion banner ads like the big solar leasing companies.

You need to stand out and get attention in a positive way, and it can’t cost you an arm and a leg, and your dog. That dog loves you!

Solar Fred’s Guide to Solar Guerrilla Marketing is here to help:

  • Stand out from large competitors
  • Get local brand recognition
  • Generate more leads for your solar company
  • Activate your referral base after the sale and for years to come.

This exclusive Solar Fred e-book includes four never-before published solar guerrilla marketing ideas, plus a detailed action plan and best practices.

The Guide includes basic tips and best practices for solar guerrilla marketing, plus the four ideas:

  • An inexpensive, sharable, and visual way to educate your solar prospects.
  • A memorable way to maintain a steady flow of solar customer referrals for 10 years, plus cement brand loyalty and improve customer service.
  • A strategy for getting brand attention and give solar quotes where your customers are.
  • A strategy to celebrate every solar sale in a unique way and generate more referrals.

These first four ideas were originally meant to be part of a solar guerrilla marketing e-course, so their description and execution are longer and more detailed than the solar guerrilla marketing ideas that I’ve previously published on

After the four never-before-published ideas, the book also includes Solar Fred’s top six solar guerrilla marketing posts that were previously published. While these six ideas are not as detailed as the first four ideas, they’re still terrific ways to get brand attention. So, if you’ve never read these before or never had time to execute any of them, now’s your chance.