Every month, the good folks at SEIA find a hot topic and put on a free webinar and then record it for later for you to view at your leisure. Their latest topic: Content Marketing for Solar Companies.

SEIA’s Susanna Murley invited me and Silveo Marcacci for a one hour presentation about the type of solar content you should be creating and posting on:

  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • e-newsletters
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Susanna opened  up the discussion with some studies about residential solar acquisition and the reason why quality lead nurturing is so important. Then she showed a great example of content marketing from SEIA’s Solar Market Insight campaigns. She also provided a storify list of related content marketing reading, as well as a template for creating your very own content marketing editorial calendar.content mkting_word cloud

Next up, I talked about some Do’s & Don’ts for creating content for blogging, Twitter, and e-newsletters. Then I showed a really well-done example from Radian Generation, who created a white paper campaign for commercial real estate owners considering solar, which included multiple marketing channels for lead generation and lead nurturing.

Last but not least, Silveo Marcacci of Marcacci Communications, talked about creating dynamic visual content and how to create appealing, share-worthy infographics and YouTube videos, and then went through several excellent examples.

That’s the sum-up. Here’s the video:


Content marketing is a contact sport, so you can’t win unless you get in the game and play. So take some time to view this great (and free!) solar marketing webinar, and then start applying those tips. It will take time to create and get traction, but it will be so valuable to you in the long run.  UnThink Solar.