Often I hear the argument from solar companies that they can’t be “weird.” They can’t do a promotion with Zombies or anything outside the box and take a risk that people won’t get their marketing humor. They think the solar buying public won’t take them seriously as reliable solar installers. But is that really the case?

I’m happy to say that at least one New Mexico solar installer has taken a bold, funny guerrilla marketing risk, and it’s paid off in both awards, as well as results.

Take a look at this really funny — but effective — print campaign from Albuquerque-based Affordable Solar:

This creative multi-media promotion was developed collaboratively with Affordable Solar and local Albuquerque agency McKee Wallwork & Company. Their campaign included large ad wraps around the covers of The Albuquerque Journal, as well as a mailer, web banner, and social media graphics spread on Facebook.

According to marketing manager Rebecca Langton, Affordable Solar received 100 more leads per month over previous non-campaign months, plus boosted company’s brand recognition, website traffic, and generated “calls ringing off the hook.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the campaign recently won a Best Copywriting Addy Award from the New Mexico Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, and three print pieces were also awarded Silver Addy Awards.

On the surface this looks like a stunt, but these funny messages and graphics all included a succinct and visual point, too—namely, that solar is affordable today and/or saves you lots of money on your electric bills.

To me this is a terrific example of “UnThinking” solar marketing. Congratulations to McKee Wallork, and especially to Affordable Solar for not being afraid to be a little weird. Glad to hear it paid off, and I hope your success will inspire other solar installers to take more bold marketing chances too.