Getting a free solar quote is probably the best way to open the door to a residential sale. People can finally see the numbers and get past their fear of solar being too expensive. The problem is that it can take a lot of time and marketing dollars to get people to get that quote. Wouldn’t it be great if people were actually enthusiastic about getting a solar quote?

Well, that’s possible, but for that to happen, you must first support something that groups of people are already energized to support.

I’m talking about what’s commonly called “cause marketing.” Instead of enticing prospects with a contest drawing for a free iPad with every quote, what if you sponsored a cause that you truly believed in and gave a donation for every quote? This strategy can be very powerful, because it can inspire people to go beyond their own self-interests when they believe in the same cause that you support.

For example, what if you sponsored a dog pound or shelter. Dogs and cats may not have anything to do with solar, but if you’re genuinely interested in helping these animals, that passion can spread and touch your solar business in a positive way.

The idea is to utilize the cause’s existing support for these animals. So, for this example:

  • Contact the shelter manager and offer to donate, say, $10 dollars for every solar quote referral and $100 more dollars for every sale from a referral.
  • Take photos of the dogs or cats with solar panels or playing in front of a solar home.
  • If people in your company have pets that were rescues, include those stories and photos in the campaign materials.
  • Sponsor an adoption day and volunteer to help set up. Bring a solar panel connected to a battery and a fan or perhaps a coffee pot, or something else useful for the event.
  • Using these images/videos and stories from these events, the shelter’s fundraising team can then work with you to send an e-blast, letter, and/or a Facebook post to their supporters — many of whom have homes — and urge them to get a free solar quote to support the shelter — and to learn if solar is a good fit. Specify that supporters must be a homeowner to qualify.
  • Regardless of how many quotes come in, provide a minimum and a maximum amount of money that you’ll donate.

If you’ve done all of the above respectfully and genuinely, dog and cat lovers will share this donation information with other local dog and cat lovers. People may already be supportive of solar, but now they will be inspired to take the time to finally get the solar quote and perhaps be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. They may then tell their friends not only about the animal shelter donation opportunity, but also about their great solar quote experience. You’ll also receive brand awareness and be associated with a worthy cause.

Not a dog or cat lover? No problem. What other causes do you support? A museum? Theater Company? Zoo? Church? All of these causes and more can help you get the word out about solar to their networks. But first, commit your time and marketing dollars to helping them.

Cause marketing is just another way… to UnThink Solar.