As we noted in our last Solar Marketing Think Tank post, we here at Impress Labs strongly believe that solar’s brand has yet to be truly defined for the public—or the industry.

What does someone think of when they think of solar? PV? Clean energy? Solar hot water? CSP? CPV? Portable solar chargers? A waste of taxpayer dollars?

Obviously, solar means different things to different people, but how do we capture all of the positive meaning into one solar energy brand? To move toward that definition, we decided to go outside the door of our San Francisco office and ask nonsolar industry people some very unscientific questions about their immediate thoughts about solar.

Yes, we know that these random questions and answers aren’t the kind of scientific market research that we’d normally do for clients, but we were curious. So we put a camera inside our office door and invited anyone who passed by to come inside and answer some brief questions about solar.

Surprisingly, 37 San Francisco business district pedestrians actually stopped. We didn’t pay them a dime, but once again, that really doesn’t matter. We know this spontaneous street survey isn’t scientific. And yet … I must tell you that we received some very interesting answers. Read more on Impress Labs.